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Gold standard whey 5lb. Personalized white gold necklace. Lotro gold edition

Gold Standard Whey 5lb

gold standard whey 5lb

    gold standard
  • The system by which the value of a currency was defined in terms of gold, for which the currency could be exchanged. The gold standard was generally abandoned in the Depression of the 1930s

  • a paragon of excellence; "academic education is the gold standard against which other educational activity is pejoratively judged"

  • The gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of gold. There are distinct kinds of gold standard.

  • The best, most reliable, or most prestigious thing of its type

  • a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by a stated quantity of gold

  • The watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds

  • the serum or watery part of milk that is separated from the curd in making cheese

  • Whey or milk plasma is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is a by-product of the manufacture of cheese or casein and has several commercial uses. Sweet whey is manufactured during the making of rennet types of hard cheese like Cheddar or Swiss.

  • watery part of milk produced when raw milk sours and coagulates; "Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating some curds and whey"

Beans and Whey Soup

Beans and Whey Soup

-- Beans & Whey Soup with Greens --

Some recipes deserve your attention even if they don't look spectacular. I first made this recipe after making paneer (an Indian cheese) and thinking it was a shame to throw the whey out.

The recipe was so good that a couple of weeks later I made cheese again (this time a mexican style fresh cheese) just so that I would have "left over" whey. I think this is becoming a regular in our house.

The whey gives the soup a subtle milky flavor and adds quite a bit of flavor depth to the soup broth. You don't need to augment with other meat or vegetable broth. At the end adding the grated cheese slightly emphasizes the milkiness without any creaminess or fattiness.

The recipe is very flexible. For the meat use bacon, sausage, meatballs or even chicken pieces. For the greens I've tried collards, kale and beet greens. Mix and match as you wish. Instead of grated cheese I've also had good results using Parmesan rind. Other soup vegetables such as potatoes or celery would also be welcome.

Whey keeps in the freezer so if you make cheese one day and don't want to make this soup right away.

-- Ingredients --

1 cup white beans
1 bay leaf
pinch sage
2 sprigs parsley

2 Tbs. olive oil
1 onion
2 carrots
3 cloves garlic
pinch red pepper
whey from 1/2 gallon of milk
1 tsp dried rosemary
1/4 tsp fennel
black pepper

1 lb. Italian sweet sausages or other meat
1-3 bunches greens (kale, collards or beet greens)

1/4 cup grated hard cheese such Parmesan or Romano
2 Tbs. aromatic high quality olive oil

-- Directions --

(1) Soak the beans the night before or the morning of. Salt and then cook the beans with herbs in their soaking water until soft. (The beans are cooked separately from the broth b/c lemon was added during the making of the cheese and they whey is slightly sour. Cooking beans in a sour base prevents them from fully softening.)

(2) While the beans are cooking chop the onions a carrots. Mince the garlic. Heat a large soup pot and add olive oil. Saute onions and carrots until soft. Add garlic and pinch red pepper. Cook briefly and add the whey mixture. Mix in the herbs and black pepper. Salt to taste and cook until the carrots are almost ready.

(3) Chop the greens. Add the meat to the simmering broth. If using a fatty meat like bacon cook first to render the fat. Let the meat simmer 5 minutes and then add the chopped greens and the beans along with their cooking water. Continue to cook until the greens are a just about done. Adjust salt and pepper.

(4) Turn off heat and stir in the cheese. Ladle into bowls and drizzle on some of the aromatic olive oil. Serve with a nice crusty bread.

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whey (to use for ricotta)

whey (to use for ricotta)

gouda is a 'washed curd' cheese, which means that while you're making the cheese, you ladle out more than half of the whey and replace it with hot water, which 'washes' the lactic acid off the curds and makes the cheese a bit sweeter. i did notice that the liquid coming out of the cheese press was almost clear at the end.

i'm saving the whey to make ricotta out of. it didn't work the first time i tried this, but i got about a cup of ricotta out of this batch.

gold standard whey 5lb

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